Departments and services

Sunshine Hospital offers top class facilities equipped with the latest in modern medical technologies. A wide selection of newly decorated private, semi-private and general wards, all incredibly spacious and equipped with colour television sets, are geared towards maximum patient comfort. 

Specialised facilities include:

  • 24 Hour casualty
  • Full in-house pharmacy
  • Radiology
  • 50-Bed medical ward (private and semi-private suites available)
  • 50-Bed surgical ward (private and semi-private suites available)
  • 21-Bed paediatric ward (with playroom)
  • 33-Bed maternity unit with nursery and caesarean theatre
  • 4 Delivery rooms
  • 3 Labour rooms
  • 4-Bed neo-natal ICU unit
  • 16-Bed ICU/high care unit
  • 14-Bed physiatric unit
  • 6 Theatres (1 Laminar Flow)

Maternity and paediatrics

Sunshine Hospital is extremely proud of its paediatric and maternity facilities. Colourful murals adorn the walls of the 20-bed paediatric ward. A sunny, fully equipped playroom with colour television sets add to the warm atmosphere of this ward. The maternity ward is also equipped with top-class facilities, including a Caesar theatre, three labour wards and four delivery rooms with a spacious nursery and neo-natal intensive care unit.