About us

Sunshine Hospital: Where service comes from the heart


Sunshine Hospital will strive for service excellence through professional ethics, accountability, responsbility, competency, effectiveness and continuous quality improvement.

Mission statement 

We at Sunshine Hospital are committed to rendering high quality, cost-effective service to patients, families, community and society with continuous quality improvement, through trained and innovative personnel, and supported by new technology. We put our patients above all other ineterests by creating a safe and passionate environment. 

New beginnings

The establishment, previously known as Actonville Hospital, was built as a premiere medical facility in 1995. After an uncertain initial few years, the hospital staff and community breathed a sigh of relief when respected private hospital professional, Ken Ford, finally purchased Sunshine Hospital on the 6th of March 2002. Mr Ford has kept close ties with the establishment and its principals since 1997 and has always believed that it has an important part to play in the highest league of private hospitals in South Africa. By purchasing the hospital, 130 jobs were saved and the morale of staff has been given a significant boost as the team look forward confidently to a successful future. 

By increasing occupancies and developing a closer relationship with specialists and general practitioners, Sunshine Hospital is steadily being recognised as a premiere facility that provides efficient, affordable healthcare to the community in Actonville and surrounding areas. As one of the few independent hospitals left in the country, the management of Sunshine Hospital believes that the establishment is set for success and is on a drive to involved doctors in the decision-making process around their working environment so that they too may contribute to the vision of the hospital.

Sunshine Hospital has emerged optimistic out of a rocky past with the belief that, by working closely with the doctor community and building a strong team of committed individuals, the hospital can achieve any goal that it sets itself. 

The new logo for Sunshine Hospital signifies warmth, strength and renewal - the emergence of a dedicated team of professionals who truly do believe in 'service from the heart'.